The bustling holiday season is over, and many restaurants will experience a dip in the number of customers coming through the door, but don’t fret! The quiet period presents the perfect opportunity for restaurant owners like you to get creative and try out the following 6 ideas. These will potentially get your customers coming back for more; just when they thought they’re sick of eating out!

“No phones at the dinner table” is a popular saying in modern households. However, allowing phones at the table will benefit your restaurant, and add in the free Wi-Fi, it’s the icing on the cake! You can use free Wi-Fi to increase customer satisfaction, encourage new and repeat businesses, as well as increase sales using the ideas below:

  • Embrace the digital lifestyle: “Instafoodie” may look and sound like an abstract word, but in this digital age, it’s more relevant now than ever before. Taking photos of a meal and posting it on social media is no longer a hobby; for some people, it’s a career. Therefore, having free Wi-Fi in your restaurant will allow customers to embrace this new lifestyle and encourage them to share their dining experience with friends, family or even strangers across the world! This helps increase brand awareness for your venue and attracts new customers.

  • Multi-purpose venue: Transform your restaurant from a place to dine and unwind into a venue where customers can come to catch up on work, study or run meetings. This idea will give your venue multiple purposes and attract customers with different needs. Some customers will visit your restaurant with the sole purpose of using your facility to work, however out of courtesy they will purchase a coffee or two; how can they resist the coffee aroma wafting from the barista! A 2019 research conducted by Cenuswide shows that more Australians are now working remotely, therefore having free Wi-Fi in your restaurant will facilitate the rising demand for work-friendly venues.

In a world where content is king, having a work mobile in your restaurant where employees can share real-time content is a game-changer. Short videos are amongst the most engaging content and the following ideas can attract more customers to your venue.

  • Videos showing your venue will promote the overall atmosphere.
  • Videos featuring your employees will make your restaurant feel more personable.
  • Videos taken in the kitchen will allow customers to understand what goes on behind the scene.
  • Videos relating to special promotions or events will create instant hype and drive interests.


Posting in real-time will allow your content to remain relevant for longer. For example, if your employee captured a beautiful dish, but waited two weeks to post it, by the time the customers see the post, the dish might not be available anymore. This can be misleading and disappointing for your customers, therefore having a work mobile to create real-time content is a huge advantage.

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts on their birthday? Offering your customers a discount or a free drink on their birthday will strengthen their relationship with your restaurant. The offer doesn’t have to be significant as it’s the thought that counts! Many successful hospitality chains have implemented this idea; take Boost Juice, San Churro and Coffee Club as a few examples, and it works a charm in terms of gaining positive word of mouth. Birthday vouchers can be easily delivered via email or text messages. This simple idea can generate the following benefits for your restaurant.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Strengthen your connection with the customers.
  • Generate positive word of mouth.
  • Increase customer loyalty and keep them coming back for more.
  • Free social media posts from customers.
  • Having customers’ contact details will allow you to send out promotional emails about events that are happening at your restaurant.

Live music performance is a fun way to create an upbeat atmosphere in your restaurant. However, funding different musicians each week can be expensive. A cost-effective solution is to hire local artists and bands who are willing to perform at a low cost in order to get their names out there. These local artists and bands will most likely bring friends and family to the show, which will give your venue a boost of new customers each week. Proud friends and family members often equate to free social media posts and therefore increase brand awareness for your restaurant. It’s a win-win situation for both!

For restaurant owners who have a liquor licence and sell wine, offering wine tasting is a great way to occupy empty seats during the quiet period. This allows your customers to explore the different types of wine in the comfort of their local restaurant. This is a valuable experience for customers who may feel intimidated by traditional wine tasting at a fancy vineyard or for customers who are just after a casual group activity. Once the wine tasting session is over, you can allow your customers to purchase some bottles of their favourite wine and give your sales a little boost!

Most businesses are now operating online, and your restaurant shouldn’t be an exception. Giving your customers the ability to order online can significantly improve efficiency in the following ways:

  • Eliminate the process of waiting for your customers to read the menu.
  • Customers can receive their order instantaneously upon arrival.
  • Quick turnaround during the busy period so you can cater to more customers.
  • Customised orders can help customers with food allergies feel more confident when dining out.

So now that you have 6 creative ways to captivate your customers, you can keep your restaurant buzzing all year long!

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