The Iconic Holden HQ

There are many things to love about the HQ. First introduced in 1971, the HQ became the new cool kid on the block...

Nothing warms the heart better than a good ol’ Holden, especially when it’s the iconic HQ. For many motor enthusiasts, it was love at first sight, and Adam knows this feeling well. When he first spotted the ’71 HQ Kingswood for sale in 2016, he didn’t hesitate to make the vehicle his. Within days the Kingswood from Victoria made its way to Queensland and into Adam’s front yard

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Cool Kid

There are many things to love about the HQ. First introduced in 1971, the HQ became the new cool kid on the block. The series has an entirely new design compared to its previous siblings. Taking inspirations from the Buick and Pontiac, the Kingswood nailed the look with a clean, compact and elegant design that was perfectly proportioned, a sight for the motor enthusiasts’ sore eyes.

The ’71 HQ was the first full-size Holden to feature a coil spring rear suspension. It also came in a perimeter frame and a robust semi-monocoque construction that gave the car its solidity on the road. The HQ has a surefootedness never seen before in a Holden, and it was promoted to the public as a “jet-smooth ride” over rough roads.

interior Holden hq Australian owner ryno classic car insurance

Perfect Execution

Safety got a big tick for this beauty. The HQ met the Australian safety standards and exceeded many. Not only was the car engineered with safety in mind, but the interior design also geared towards this objective where the dash padding encroached into the front passenger space. Four years’ worth of work went into designing the HQ, and it was well worth the time and effort. The handsome HQ was the star of the 70s, and it remained one of the best designs ever produced in Australia – a design that is still highly appreciated today.

Richard Ferlazzo, one of Australia’s top car designers, joined Holden in 1988. He stated that “There is no right and wrong in design, there is only good and bad execution – and they (the HQs) were beautifully executed.”

Holden lovers were spoilt for choice as the HQ range included the Kingswood, Kingswood Station Sedan, LS Monaro Coupe, Monaro GTS and the Statesman De Ville. Different styles to cater to different personalities, whatever motor enthusiasts want, the HQ range had it all. Perhaps this is why the HQ became Holden’s most popular car, selling over 485,650 units, a total that had not been surpassed by other Holden models. By the end of the 20th century, Holden still had the top-selling vehicle in the market.

wheel Holden hq Australian owner ryno classic car insurance

Kingswood Tradition

As a kid, Adam was surrounded by family members who had a Kingswood. When Adam was in a position to buy a project car of his own, the 71′ HQ Kingswood appeared in his search and stirred up a nostalgia that was hard to resist. Joining the family tradition, Adam is now a proud owner of his ’71 HQ Kingswood.

A testament to the Kingswood’s magnificent design, Adam has not had to do any major restorative work to the vehicles’ exterior. There were only minor modifications, such as installing an electric ignition and fitting halo lights for the indicators. However, it’s not a project car without putting the magic into it, and Adam did a 180 flip of the vehicle’s interior with full custom retrim from roof lining to handbrake boot. The car also featured a hand-stitched dash, hand-stitched visors, custom-built seats over the existing frame, and much much more. Adam himself stated that there were “too much to mention”. We can admire Adam’s craftsmanship through the awesome pictures.

It’s safe to say that the Holden HQ Kingswood still turns heads today. Adam’s ’71 HQ Kingswood receives regular attention and admirations whenever he takes it out and about. “People love it, and it gives me a buzz when other people appreciate it”, Adam quoted. The HQ Kingswood is now making beautiful memories with Adam’s family, and Adam loves cruising around with his wife and kids. Here’s to many more Kingswood adventures for generations to come.

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