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Dawes tailors car insurance for your vehicle

The following are some of the benefits included in your policy:

Choice of Repairer

Choice of repairer available, or we can recommend a repairer.

Salvage Rights (Classic Cars)

Loss or Damage to Your Motor Vehicle, we will allow you to retain the salvage of your motor vehicle if it is over 25 years old.

Emergency Accommodation Cover

Emergency accommodation cover up to $2,000 if you are more than 100 kilometers from home.

Towing Cover

Towing cover up to $2,000 if your motor vehicle is accidentally damaged or recovered after being stolen.

Options, Accessories & Modifications Cover

Options, accessories and/or modifications are covered as part of the sum insured if we are told about them and agree to cover them.

Trailers Cover

Trailers are covered up to $1,000 or the current market value (whichever is the lesser) if damaged whilst attached to your motor vehicle and is uninsured.

Glass Replacement/Repair

Repair or replacement of one windscreen or broken glass or sunroof glass including panoramic glass roof per period of insurance is included without the application of an excess where there is no other damage to your motor vehicle.

Liability Cover

Cover for liability for damage to other people’s property up to $30m including costs.

Replacement Motor Vehicle's Policy

If you replace your motor vehicle we will cover the replacement motor vehicle automatically for 14 days not otherwise insured (up to the purchase price of the replacement motor vehicle) provided you notify us within 14 days of receiving it. Conditions apply.

New Replacement Vehicle

If your motor vehicle is a total loss in the 36 months after it was first registered, where you are the first registered owner (or you purchased a demonstrator model with less than 1000km on odometer) and have been continually insured with Dawes without a break in cover since it was first registered, we will replace it with a new motor vehicle of the same make, model and series (where available) or payment up to the sum insured.

Car Hire Costs Following Theft or Not Fault Accident

Hire car costs following a theft or not at fault accident up to $100 per day for 17 days (for motor vehicles driven on a ‘daily commute’ or ‘daily non-commute’ basis).

Car Hire Following an Accident

Hire car costs following an accident after the first 5 days of hire, up to $100 per day for 17 days (for motor vehicles driven on a ‘daily commute’ or ‘daily non-commute’ basis).

Finance Gap

Finance gap cover is included, up to 75% of the difference between the market or agreed value of your motor vehicle and the amount required to discharge your obligations under a lease or loan when we declare your motor vehicle a total loss.

Replacement Keys & Locks

Replacement keys and locks, re-coding and/or re-keying locks for keys and locks that are stolen.

Returning Vehicle Cover

Returning your vehicle to you after repair - up to $500 for the cost of returning your vehicle if the repairer’s premises are more than 100 kilometres from your residence or place of work.

Personal Property Cover

Personal property is covered up to $1,000 if damaged in an accident or if stolen (excluding money, cheques, credit or debit cards and property used for earning income).

* The above features and benefits are in summary only. Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply.
** Please refer to the PDS page which you can download a copy of this document by clicking in here

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